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These are a few of our favorite tools, tips, and best practices from across the industry. "Inclusion" can mean something different to each person. Whether you're new to inclusion or a lifelong expert, we believe there's always something new to learn.


Suggested Reading

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Inclusive: A Microsoft Design Toolkit

This award-winning toolkit includes a brief manual, activity cards, and a series of videos featuring experts in designing for inclusion. Learn more ->

Smart Cities for All Toolkit

A must-read for anyone developing solutions for the industrial internet or "internet of things". Led by Dr. Victor Pineda and James Thurston, this four-part toolkit outlines how "smart devices" in public spaces can worsen the digital divide for people with disabilities, and how to apply ICT standards to create better solutions. Learn more ->

University of Cambridge: Inclusive Design Toolkit

An early pioneer in defining inclusive design methods, this toolkit explores ways to build awareness of accessibility issues through simulation and diagnostic tools. Learn more ->


Accessibility Basics

Microsoft Accessibility

The company is investing in accessibility and sharing their growing expertise. Here are a few guides to explore:

  • An introduction to the basics of language and workplace accessibility. Learn more ->
  • Detailed guidance on how to use accessibility features in their products to meet your needs. Learn more -> 
  • Ten ways to make your content accessible using their products. Learn more ->


From pragmatic training to comprehensive product audits, Deque has a range of free resources to help you take your first steps towards web and digital accessibility. Learn more ->

Marcy Sutton, Deque Engineer, has a great overview of five key things she learned from the accessibility community. Learn more ->

The Paciello Group

In addition to web accessibility consulting this site has a set of free accessibility testing tools to assess how well your website conforms to key standards. Learn more ->


Academic and Degree Programs

Inclusive Design Research Centre

Led by one of the key pioneers in inclusive design, Jutta Treviranus, this devoted team hosts excellent resources and one of the world's only Masters degree programs in Inclusive Design. Learn more ->

Inclusive Design Institute

This vast network of industry experts has an expansive view of inclusion, and how to apply it to a range of social and technologic challenges. Learn more ->

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