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We're building a platform for advancing inclusion in product development. Learn how Kata's inclusive principles and methods can help your team design adaptive experiences, grow market share, and reduce customer churn. 



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We believe inclusion is more than a nice idea. It's a business imperative and a repeatable practice. Exclusion happens when you build products using your own abilities and preferences as a baseline. Kata's industry-leading methods help teams build inclusive biases and resolve exclusion in products. 


A short film introduction to Inclusive Design. Learn how inclusivity informs design in the best ways, and how we can start to imagine more mindful solutions. The full 20 minute film, with audio description, is available here.


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Advising partners is an important part of building our platform. After delivering this method with thousands of product makers across the industry, we've isolated the most effective activities for transforming how teams think about inclusion in their products. We offer this expertise through the following services. 

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Kat Holmes speaking on stage at the O'Reilly Design Conference.
Inclusive design workshop participants writing ideas on post its.
A drawing of a human outline surrounded by multicolor collection of ideas on post-its.
A board on a wall with an activity for people to describe what types of exclusion they face in their daily lives.


This fast-paced session engages your audience in an inclusive mindset, action-based principles, and examples of inclusion in practice. 

15 to 60 min

Inclusion 101

Our introductory workshop gives simple first steps on how to build an inclusive mindset and principles. Learn how to recognize exclusion in your product, followed by an interactive case study where participants can apply what they've learned.

90 min to 3 hours

Inclusive Solutions

In this immersive sprint you will develop deep product solutions with inclusive methods. Identify key gaps in your product and meet with excluded communities. Transform your insights into mass-scale solutions with customized inclusive principles and practices.

3 to 5 days

Inclusive Growth

A comprehensive package to help you build a sustained capability in inclusive design. We work with you to create a customized series of speaking, workshops, and retained advising services based on an assessment of your team goals, priorities, and needs.

3 to 6 months

Anyone at any company will leave a changed person after experiencing Kat Holmes’ workshop on inclusive design. Her style eases you into an understanding of the principles that guide inclusivity and how even a slight shift in perspective can be the ripple that tips your practice, your product, your business into untapped markets.

Now that I see the world through the lens of inclusive design, my creativity has kicked into a new gear — and it’s a thrilling place to be.
— Senior Communications Manager, Amazon Web Services

Stickers scattered across a table with different types of labels that people use to identify themselves by religion, ability, and more.

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